Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Waterbirds of Lilypad Lagoon, Kununurra

By early August we had crossed the border and were staying at Kununurra in northern WA . We were ready for a powered site but the caravan park staff were only able to offer us an unpowered site in the overflow section:

Compared to the powered site gridlock this was brilliant and we happily went without power for another few nights!

The Comb-crested jacana were a family favourite. We loved watching them walk on top of the lily-pads and other vegetation of the lake.

This Intermediate egret hunted near our van quite happily. 

Intermediate egret
Straw-necked ibis 
Here are a few shots showing the acrobatics of Australian reed-warbler:

Masked lapwing - this northern (nominate) race has considerable variation from the race we have down south (which was previously commonly known as Spur-winged plover) 
Whiskered tern
Buff-banded rail (seen while searching for better views of the lifer, White-browed crake, below) 
White-browed crake - there were several of these in our corner of the lake
Great egret contemplating his claws

This water lizard (?Merton's monitor) was lazing within metres of our caravan.

Lily-pad Lagoon, Kununurra

A bit of filter fun on a photo of my brother's campsite

 Bird on!

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  1. Again a brilliant series of bird shots! I love the Comb-crested Jacanas. Your Intermediate Egret shots are superb... I love the contemplation shot!!
    It all looks like a stunning place tto visit.