Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mataranka birds

More new birds for me here at Mataranka and we were finally starting to feel warm (this was late 26 July 2012). Apologies for all the photos of "chooks"! All of the photos below were taken around the Mataranka Homestead Tourist Resort caravan park.

Eremaea list from Mataranka.

White-bellied cuckoo-shrike 
Blue-faced honeyeater 

Bar-shouldered dove
Rufous whistler
Whistling kite
The resident peacock

Bird on!


  1. Some lovely photos. Got some nice portraits of the adult BFH and managed the shine on the peacock beautifully! Did you see big red yet?

  2. Amazing shots, amazing birds!
    New discoveries for me too!!
    The first photo is awesome!
    Congratulations Pete!