Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finches of Kimberleyland!

Yes, well actually Kimberleyland was the name of the Kununurra caravan park at which we stayed. These photos were taken within the grounds in August this year.

Crimson finch

Crimson finch (female)
How long are those toes!? Crimson finch (above & below)

Star finches - I loved it when they lined up on a reed!

Bird on!


  1. Just brilliant!
    you managed to get really close!!
    These guys are are not just cute they are magnificent!
    A great post!!

  2. Moses demands more Finches! But says these photos are excellently great! He wants to know where the Gouldian is!

  3. Those reds are so brilliant! You really were treated to some amazing birds out there!