Thursday, October 18, 2012

24 birding moments at Timber Creek

Policeman's Point is located on the Victoria River a couple of kilometres west of the town of Timber Creek in the Northern Territory. There is a picnic area which has become known as a pleasant overnighter. We arrived on a gorgeous sunny afternoon and left late the next morning.

So .... Here are 24 happy birding moments from less than 24 hours staying at Policeman's Point! We'll start with the finches shall we?

1. Enjoyed some nice views of Double-barred finch at sunrise (commando style on the ground for this one - I'm afraid it takes me longer to get back up these days - especially in the early morning!) 
2. I couldn't get very close but here's a few lifers just hanging around together!!! (Crimson finch and Yellow-rumped mannikin plus Brown honeyeater)
3. 'Got a few closer views of Yellow-rumped mannikin
4. On dusk this White-necked heron surprised us by landing on a dead tree at our campsite
5. All you can eat! The flowering Jigal tree does it again for this Brown honeyeater ....
6. and this White-breasted woodswallow .....
7. and this Little friarbird ......
8. and this Little corella.
9. Little corellas have such character
10.  I got very excited by the proximity, light and clarity of view when photographing this Striated pardalote.
11. I enjoyed several encounters with budgerigar 
12. Here they drink from the Victoria River (there was a crocodile just 20 metres to the right of this picture) 
13. In the short time I have known them, I have found White-bellied cuckoo-shrike to be a very photogenic bird!
14. By the look of it this Great bowerbird may have also been visiting the Jigal tree flowers! 
15. Getting used to the youth! I am getting better at recognising juvenile birds such as this young Rufous whistler 
16. The ubiquitous Black kite
17. I spent several minutes with this Mistletoebird.
18. Some flycatcher moments. This Paperbark flycatcher became like a companion during my late morning walk!
19. This one was hanging around the campsite.
20. It took me some time to work out that this bird was a female Shining flycatcher (lifer!). Despite the dull light and distance (the other side of a creek) I had a pretty good look at it for a minute or so.
21. Speaking of lifers, here is a Bar-breasted honeyeater. Unlike anything I have seen before!
22. Another honeyeater lifer was this Yellow-tinted honeyeater ... 
23. and White-throated honeyeater is pretty new to my list as well! 
24. And last but not least, this is probably the closest I've been to Olive-backed oriole!

Here's the Eremaea list of a lazy 39 birds which is more than I usually manage at most sites!

Bird on!


  1. Congratulations!
    An interesting post with many species, some of which you managed to get close for brilliant shots!
    The Mistletoebird is gorgeous so are the crimson finches!
    Enjoy your WE!

  2. Nice one Pete! should be there next year

  3. Superb series, Pete!! I can't even fathom seeing so many birds in a 24 hour period. This trip of yours really was amazing! I'd love to do similar one day... perhaps when I get a decent birding lens!!