Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Kimberleyland treats

This is the last post containing photos taken from within the Kimberleyland caravan park. As you may have gathered I thoroughly enjoyed being able to walk a few metres from where you were eating or sleeping or having a drink and taking photos of birds I had hardly ever seen before!

White-breasted woodswallow (above and below)

Sacred kingfisher
Whistling kite
Black kite
Black kite
Great bowerbird checking out what's cool. These air conditioning units are atop a houseboat moored lakeside.

Bird on!


  1. the first photos made me smile. I'd only recently seen these birds myself at Warren and I love how yours are all perched together like that; what great snaps

  2. More amazing shots, Pete! I loved your posts on IG while you were travelling but to see them in a bigger format is great!