Friday, October 12, 2012

Jigal tree - bird magnet

I passed this tree on several occasions walking to a lookout at Katherine Gorge. Each time I passed it was being hammered by a number and variety of birds that impressed me no end. This was late July (the dry) and the tree had few leaves and had a red flower. I have only just tonight worked out that it is known as the Bauhinia or Jigal tree (Bauhinia cunninghamii). You can also read here about how the plant got its aboriginal derived name "mother-in-law tree".

Birds seen frequenting this one specimen included Red-winged parrot, Great bowerbird, Rufous-throated honeyeater, Brown honeyeater, White-gaped honeyeater, Yellow oriole and Paperbark flycatcher. For me many of these birds were lifers!

Red-winged parrot
Rufous-throated honeyeater
White-gaped honeyeater

Finally a few shots from a river cruise. This was a scenery and gorge experience, not a bird-watching exercise. However the site of something flying towards us - large, grey and like nothing I had ever seen before had me scrambling for the long lens....

The only shot I managed of this Great-billed heron was as it flew downstream along the gorge. 
Little black cormorant
White-faced heron unsure about the kayakers
Bird on!

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  1. Nice way to pick up a few lifers with some great pictures to boot.