Monday, January 30, 2012

Suburban eagles

In suburban Montrose scoring a wedgie may be something best avoided.

Today however, this trio of Wedge-tailed eagles left me in unexpected raptures. On a brief reconnaissance mission to investigate whether a Montrose Reservoir seen in the street directory was accessible and "birdable" I was surprised to find it in a slightly elevated position. I stepped out of the car to find three Wedge-tailed eagles in low flight around me.

One was calling a lot and my guess is that this was the immature looking bird.

As can be seen from the pictures (taken over three minutes) the weather was typical of Melbourne weather - "four seasons in one day". Depending on which direction the lens was pointing we have blue sky, light cloud or dark thunderstorm. It was also blowing a bit of gale perhaps assisting an inexperienced bird to launch (or making it harder?).

The pictures are heavily silhouetted and reminds me to do some photography homework in this area (any hints? - please don't suggest a new lens).

Sunlit fingers & storm cloud

This heavily silhouetted image was "enhanced" in a bid
to reveal the interaction between the birds.
"Is it safe?" 
I wondered if my arrival had disturbed the birds from a roost or nest site but none was immediately visible.

The last two in the series are photographic failures
but remind me how close I was to these low flying beauties.
 ....and just how big they are!

PS - 'turns out Montrose Reservoir has a "No admittance" sign although there are no physical barriers to pedestrian access. A little further research (different map) indicates that it is a roofed reservoir and the elevated area is about 210m above sea level:

I may however re-visit the car park!


  1. Truly interesting!
    There magnificent birds and you did great pictures!
    since you mention it, if you don't wish to "Toshop" your pics afterwards, maybe I could suggest you increase the luminosity by one or tow degrees on your reflex camera by low light or back-light!
    That is something I usually forget myself!!
    Geeee! I wish I could have enjoyed this watch!!
    Happy birding, and come back with more!! :)
    Cheers Pete!

  2. How cool. Great pics. Love the is it safe......? ....Well, is it?

  3. I live in Montrose and i very regularly see the Wedge-Tailed egals pictured here. They have a nest about halfway up the mountan and can be seen flying in and out. They sometimes sit on power poles and would make a good photo.

    1. Thanks Anon, Good to hear from you!
      Do you mean half way up Mt Dandenong or a little more local to Montrose? It's nice to hear they are regulars. I will keep an eye out for them!