Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is that it's tongue!?

I don't usually (read ever) photograph  Noisy miners but I was putting a new lens through it's paces & ....

In case you missed it!


The aggressive Noisy miner is a native bird that has
extended its domain in suburbia at the expense
of other species.

Angry birds?
These pictures were taken at Croydon Park, a recreation reserve (rugby pitch and footy oval) with a man-made wetland. I believe that the Tarralla Creek is piped underneath (a Wikipedia article indicates that Tarralla Creek is actually the re-named Croydon Main Drain!). Croydon is an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne.

Little corellas taking over Croydon Park

Cooperative Pacific black duck & friends

"I'm not sure about this Mum/ Dad!"
Dusky Moorhen

Presumed juvenile Little raven

All birds pictured doing well in suburbia.
Of those pictured this Spotted turtle-dove is the
only introduced species


  1. Well done here too!
    Naturally, Cockies are my favourite, since I bred them in Africa...
    Corellas have funny faces with their large blue ring around the eyes...
    I've seen most of those birds in the Blue mountains, it is such a pleasure to get close to Aussie wild life!
    You can see some of the picture I took there but only with my Nikon Coolpix P100, here:

    Since then, I fortunately got a much better equipment for animal and birding photography!

  2. Thanks for the link. I can see the difference between your Australian pictures and the others which are brilliant.