Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Eve Rail

Enjoyed an hour or two at Fishers Wetland at Phillip Island on the morning of New Year's Eve (it works quite well - the gurlz drop us off as they are visiting the Churchill Island farmer's market).

I enjoyed a "lifer" being Australian Spotted Crake. Being with Richard saved me the need to later finger through field guides as he was able to tell me straight away what this handsome little fellow was (a few piks later, distant but cooperative).

The highlight of the day was a Buff-banded rail of the relaxed variety who was happy to hang around for a few snaps (we walked away from him in the end!). This is not a resort area but I was reminded of Graham Pizzey's words:

"shy, mostly keeps to cover but becomes remarkably tame on some island resorts"

You can see Richard's back-story & images of the same rail at Richard's Australian birds blog.

This link takes you to an earlier post featuring my muggle (non-birder) Mum's picture of a funny looking bird wandering through their cafe while on Lord Howe Island!

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