Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Silvereye nest & young, Badger Creek

I enjoyed these views of a beautifully crafted globe silvereye nest today at Badger Creek Weir Reserve.

I always enjoy the descriptions in the best field guides of the bird behaviours, nests etc. Of the Silvereye nest, Pizzey describes a:
suspended cup of grass, thistledown, moss, spider's web, usually in shrub

This fellow emerged under parents' watchful eye
I was hoping to have a further lyrebird experience while at Badger Creek Weir but dipped!!! I could hear the cacophony of a male singing but wanted the visual.

Did enjoy photographing these Common bronzewing demonstrating their range of colour.

No colour!

Bronze? Surely this is green?

Ahh! there's some bronze!

Look I can do both!

Enjoyed this pose but needed
that King Parrot
fluoro-green stripe!

That's the one!

Crimson rosella grazing

Now tell me this:
Are all parrots left "handed"?

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