Monday, January 23, 2012

Lake Burrinjuck Sea-eagles

Enjoyed a fly-by of this pair of white-bellied sea-eagles on the Goodradigbee River arm of  the Burrinjuck Dam near Wee Jasper on 15th January:

Lake Burrinjuck, NSW (Goodradigbee arm)

One bird had been noticed perching earlier in the day.


  1. Aren't they beauties? Love the view too!

  2. Nice ones of the immatures Pete. Were these shots at 500? If so, good job keeping it still enough for the sharpness.

    1. they were shot using the 500, 'though I notice on a few I've pulled back to 439 (!?) according to the detailed pic info! To tell you the truth I actually was expecting sharper pictures given their proximity and the good light. But you may be right - keeping them centred long enough for good focus may have been the limiting feature

  3. There's this one winged eagle in Jasper and the real story of that eagle is
    When it was snowing 5 or 4 friends were mountain climbing and the others are way up the mountain , one will catch up and that person one minute later something started to bang his head on the mountain hard it banged his head 4 times after that the young man looked behind him and it was the eagle . His nose was bleeding and broken he was in so much pain so he punched the eagle and it hit him again with its large terrifying claws then later on it hit him again the man ripped of the eagle's wing , the eagle went away and the man dropped the wing and fell a metre away . The young man was sitting on the middle of the mountain untill his friends went down and helped him go down the mountain. By the time they went down the young man saw the wing it was gigantic he kept it . The story is hard to believe and You might or might not believe me that young man was my 5th grade teacher he showed us the wing it shrinked to about the size of a long ruler

  4. And it still flies if you go around or near jasper you might see the eagle it is very smart so people can't catch it