Friday, October 25, 2013

Bird Week Day 7 - Woolamai hoodies

This pair of Hooded plovers is another that I have found myself visiting semi-regularly. I pass them on the beach section of the Cape Woolamai walking trail. They endure considerable traffic living on Woolamai's well-known surf beach (my visits aside)! It is my impression that breeding seasons for these guys are not as successful compared with the "Silverleaves" pair (see My Hoodie Hero!).

Hooded plover, Cape Woolamai, September 2013
I love how this angle of view returns the bird to an egg shape! 

My scene

Well it's the last day of Bird Week 2013. Go and vote for Australia's Favourite Bird. I'll leave the final word to John Clarke!

Bird on!


  1. Have always loved their round bellies! Love to your Hoodies!!

  2. great photos Pete and an interesting observation about the egg- shape head-on photo. I did also do a post a while ago for Australia's favourite bird - I voted for the Superb Fairy Wren...will watch John Clarke after posting this. Cheers