Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bird Week Day 2 - Phillip Island kestrels

I was able to appreciate just how very handsome is Australia's Nankeen kestrel recently.
Nankeen kestrel. One of a pair near The Nobbies, Phillip Island (September 2013)

The "insurance shot" shown above gives some idea of where this bird was perched - as do the pictures below.

The birds were perching on the dark, rocky prominence seen at the extreme left of this picture.
Near the same lookout a Southern Right Whale mother and calf were pointed to us by a passing enthusiast.
A Silver gull is included for size comparison :P
At Cape Woolamai this Nankeen kestrel left me in awe of its ability to remain motionless in extreme wind

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Bird on!


  1. HI Pete wonderful birds and you managed to get great shots despite the great distance. Lovely coastline.

  2. Lovely! Seems late for the southern right baby, I suppose they will be off south soon!