Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bird Week Day 1 - Young Cape Barren Geese families

It's Bird Week in Australia! This year Birdlife Australia is running with the theme "Meet Your Neighbours!" to encourage Australians to become more familiar with those feathered friends that are our constant companions. Further we are invited to vote for Australia's Favourite Bird. I am going in to bat for one of the candidates Thinornis rubricollis!
But onto today's theme! Suddenly nesting Cape Barren Geese are no longer noticeable at Phillip Island. On any given day however young families of varying ages can be spotted. While some striped goslings can still be seen enjoying one of their first baths ...

... others are taking on bigger challenges.

This young family has been easily followed since the nesting stage (old images - nest and chicks). When watched closely the birds were not really swimming but partly wading in the shallow waters of Fishers Wetland.
At The Nobbies some families already had a more teenage feel!
Come along! There's some good feed down here!

Territory was keenly contested possibly related to the growing size and number of mouths to feed.

"And stay out!"
Looks to be a successful season!

Bird on!

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  1. Lovely baby geese! Hoodies get my personal vote but we did say that we would vote for the Kookaburra up this way for our branch: