Monday, October 21, 2013

Bird Week Day 3 - Rufous whistler showtime, birding Phillip Island

Rufous whistler (AM - as in all images on this post), Silverleaves, Phillip Island (October 2013)
I am learning that this is the time of year for Rufous whistlers to become particularly active and garrulous. Most of the year I am accustomed to views in the canopy such as this:

In late Spring they are much more noticeable and seem to spend a lot more time in the lower branches.

These are not great shots but I did really enjoy watching this fellow go through his see-sawing dance routine at eye-level.

I will try to find out whether they are semi-migratory or whether the late Spring sighting peak at Phillip Island is due entirely to the beautiful clatter they make (the graph below represents frequency of Rufous whistler sightings at Phillip Island over the last 20 years):

Screen grab from Eremaea web site
The following photos were also taken at Silverleaves but in November 2012. I don't for the life of me know why I haven't posted them before (but I feel they deserve the Blogger image "X-large" option!).

Bird on!


  1. Great set of shots Pete. Surely Golden Whistlers are out down at the island as well. I think you should take it upon yourself to drop everything and head down there until you return with decent photos! :-)

  2. Those last few photos DEFINITELY deserve the extra-large treatment... but so do most of the others!

    I remember reading somewhere that these birds are migratory down south.

  3. Hi Peter A wonderful series of shots of this little bird. I loved this post

  4. A great series of photographs. Congratulations. Australian birds are really quite wonderful.........but birds the world over are wonderful too!