Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Red-necked stints pay a visit, Phillip Island

Well these small migratory waders fly from the Southern Hemisphere to north-eastern Siberia to breed so I was thrilled when a small group of about 15 birds chose a local beach for a high tide feed recently (more about migration path and some breeding plumage images at Wikipedia's RNS page). The Easter weekend is known for its king tides in Westernport Bay, Victoria and assisted by a stiff breeze there was lots of sea grass thrown up at the high tide mark.

This was a great set of conditions to observe the stints who were so intent on feeding on creatures in the sand and grass that they gradually approached where I was perched. When seen in flight the group flew low over the water flashing white or dark as they changed direction in unison.

Red-necked stint (non-breeding) Silverleaves, Phillip Island 

'Enjoyed photographing this bird whose feeding was interrupted by a "freak wave"

The wave recedes, feeding resumes.
Nice plumage shot! Red-necked stint.

As usual some individuals more wary than others!

A couple of group shots (well half the group). At times the impression was of feathery mice scampering.
A pair of somewhat "toey" Masked lapwing provide size comparison.
Welcome visitors indeed!

Bird on!

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  1. a lovely series of stint photographs Pete; I must go looking for them again