Monday, April 8, 2013

Great egret feeding from top shelf

This Great egret passed right in front of the northern bird hide at Swan Lake, Phillip Island yesterday. This made for some challenging snaps due to its proximity with mixed results at some interesting angles!

Great egret Ardea alba, Swan Lake, Phillip Island
I know a good chiropractor .... 

It had clearly decided it was finished with the "seafood" course because it left the shallow, weedy water of the diminishing lake ...

 ... and started showing an interest in whatever was hiding in these grasses. I never caught a glimpse of it catching anything substantial. Over a few minutes it surveyed the whole bank looking high and low.

It prompted me to delve into a field guide (Pizzey) which didn't mention this behaviour. The book did mention something that I would love to see:
Occasionally seizes fish from surface in hovering flight
Now that would be something!

 They really are an extraordinarily shaped bird!

Bird on!


  1. I agree, their shape is amazing, especially when on the move as you were able to capture. I photographed one on the weekend, but there is no hide, so they fly off if there is much disturbance.

  2. That lump in the neck does look like it needs a little TLC!

    Nice pictures - always a nice problem when the birds re too close!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne