Sunday, April 28, 2013

ANZAC Day birds, Phillip Island

"Lest We Forget" ANZAC Day commemorations, Cowes, Victoria
Here is a small sample of birds seen around Phillip Island on April 25. I particularly enjoyed this BSK which was surveying land that was being prepared for a housing estate development.

Black-shouldered kite, Cowes, Phillip Island

Someone is clearly feeding a family of Australian Magpies in the Silverleaves area. The birds are at various stages of plumage.

Australian Magpie. I love how this immature bird really does appear to be in short pants (below)

A Grey Butcherbird appeared at the same time curious to make sure it wasn't missing out on any action!

Grey Butcherbird checking on the neighbours
Grey butcherbird
Bird on!


  1. Lovely shots Pete. Glad Anzac Day was spent working on the house!

  2. Yeah I like your junior maggie too, especially the close up.

  3. I've never noticed the "pants" on the young magpies. The kite looks like an immature too. Great pics Pete, thanks for sharing.