Friday, April 5, 2013

Phillip Island honeyeaters

Well two of them - Eastern spinebill and New Holland honeyeater.

A wide range of habitats on this reasonably large island means that you can end up with local specialities. At Silverleaves, the predominant honeyeater species are wattlebirds, Eastern spinebill and New Holland Honeyeaters.

Eastern spinebill "family" share an old clothesline at Silverleaves, Phillip Island
The Eremaea cumulative list for the whole of Phillip Island includes no less than 16 honeyeater species. It pleases me no end to see that Noisy miner feature in <1% of lists (hope it stays that way!):

I am interested in those species with sighting rates less than say 4%. I have not seen Singing honeyeater this far east. Nor have I ever seen Spiny-cheeked honeyeater on the island (nor anywhere in Victoria I think for that matter). On the other hand I can claim to be one of only three people who have made an Eremaea recording on Phillip Island of Noisy friarbird (thereby contributing to it's <1% status)!

A few shots of immature Eastern spinebill

Eastern spinebill (adult male) with a bit of tongue poking action

Anything you can do..... New Holland honeyeater & the tongue thing
& gone
Got a problem?
Bird on!


  1. beautiful captures; I love to see both these birds. The Eastern visits my garden when the abutilon is flowers (now) but it is growing where I can't view without being in very close proximity. Then of course, they flit off ---- You did well getting these photographs; thanks for sharing Pete

  2. absolutley beautiful little birds! I especially loved the first image on the old clothes line. I haven't ever seen either of these birds.

    1. 'Glad you enjoyed Judith. I'm afraid that clothesline features in a lot of my bird shots! Ha!

  3. They make a very loud call for such tiny birds. I get plenty of them swinging from the tall fuchsias in my garden, but sorry to say I cannot tell if any is different from the other, all have the bronze chest I think. No New Hollands - it so cute I would remember that.