Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rainbows and firewheels

We feel quite blessed to have a Queensland firewheel tree (Stenocarpus sinuatus) in our backyard. Living in temperate Melbourne our's may not be the best specimen as this tree is more at home in the subtropics. However it flowers spectacularly and is currently sought after by the local Rainbow lorikeets, Noisy miners and Red wattlebirds.

Rainbow lorikeet enjoying a Queensland firewheel tree, Blackburn, 9 April 2103 

The remaining pictures were taken last Autumn.

Bird on!


  1. Fantastic tree. I bet it attracts many birds.

  2. Thought Melbourne was the sub-tropics these days the way Mum goes on about the heat there! Lovely colours and detail in this lot Pete, enjoyed looking, cheers.

  3. The nearest we get to this showy bird feeder is Eucalyprus ficifolia. The rainbow lorikeets love those too.