Sunday, November 18, 2012

White-quilled rock-pigeons with Kimberley colour

My brother and I hired a small boat to explore the navigable section of Chamberlain Gorge, El Questro Station on the Kimberley. He with his fishing rod, me with my bins and camera. He sought baramundi. I sought birds but with an eye out for rock-pigeons.

It was calm, warm and just a little bit .... well, scenic!

No luck with the barramundi (Ben fishing at left), Chamberlain Gorge in the dry (5 August 2012)
The return trip afforded us some good views of rock-pigeon from the boat, Ben patiently manoeuvring our craft to accommodate his brother's whims!

White-quilled rock-pigeon Petrophassa albipennis 

I must say I was pleased with how the images of the birds showcased the colours of their amazing environment. That colouring can also make them hard to spot!

What bird?
My first view of White-quilled rock-pigeon was at a distance - Lifer! (Here is the "insurance shot").
Typical Chamberlain Gorge view featuring the ledges favoured by rock-pigeons when retreating to safety.

Bird on!


  1. what a shame no barra! That would've been a fantastic trip to do, the scenery is so beautiful. You would've had a ball with your bins and camera; lovely photographs Pete

  2. Excellent photographs. Those pigeons do look amazing in the environment. Nice to know they're there.