Wednesday, November 21, 2012

HV8 Finches put on a show!

HV8 is the cattle brand for the Home Valley Station located in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. In our brief stay there in August this year I was thrilled to meet several bird species for the first time including a few species of finches.

Photographing these Long-tailed finch was a buzz! I had not really studied in advance and didn't know their name nor anything about them .... except that they looked sensational!

Long-tailed finch, Home Valley Station

I had met Crimson finch back at Kununurra but the Home Valley birds were very accommodating. Finches do love poor plumbing!

Crimson finch, Home Valley Station

Finally, a small flock of Gouldian finches was worth getting up early for. They didn't allow me very close and disappeared after a single viewing but I at least got a couple of shots to remember the occasion!

Gouldian finch, Home Valley Station

Ahh the memories!

Bird on!


  1. Awesome group of lovely colourful aussie finches! Well done!

  2. finches are delightful birds and you sure picked up some wonderful photographs, each one of them is beautiful to see and spectacular in their own right