Thursday, November 22, 2012

The one about the Varied lorikeet and the Jigal tree

Stopped for a while where the Gibb River Rd crosses the Pentecost River in the Kimberley. This was late on the afternoon of 7th August this year. While my brother fished and watched for salties* I came across this familiar-looking tree. It was a Jigal tree in flower. A week or so earlier I had come across one at Katherine (Jigal tree - bird magnet) which was attracting a wide variety of birds.

This tree was similarly productive for me!

Varied lorikeet, flowering Jigal tree

Masked woodswallow

A few shots of the amazing countryside showing the Pentecost River crossing on the Gibb River Rd. The Cockburn Range provides the backdrop.

Bird on!

*Estuarine crocodiles

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