Saturday, November 17, 2012

Parry Creek Lagoons - Visit 2

Circumstances landed us back near Parry Creek Lagoons about a week after our first visit so we took the opportunity to have another look. The flat grassland on either side of the dry-season dirt road had become more familiar - I love it! Again pratincole were a regular sighting.

A cooperative Rainbow bee-eater provided one of the highlights.

When one can tear one's self away from the water birds there are other species to be seen in the surrounding vegetation including Rainbow bee-eater and White-gaped honeyeater. Buff-sided robin was also seen (good views, poor photo)!

Pied heron once again afforded good views but it was the close viewing of a few brolga that had us most excited ....

Brolga were readily seen on this visit.

Comb-crested jacana were a family-favourite once again and featured in the educational signage (photo by Ellen).

The higher you are, the more you see! Magpie goose and Plumed whistling-duck at Marlgu Billabong, Parry Creek Lagoons.
Intermediate egret
Nankeen night-heron

Gorgeous close-ups of Australasian grebe were possible from the viewing platform.

Bird on!


  1. Another stunning set of images Pete!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like you had a great time at this location, photos are amazing