Sunday, March 16, 2014

Southern Emu-wren at Deen Maar

Another Port Fairy Folk Festival meant another trip to Deen Maar. This is a gorgeous coastal wetland area centred on the Eumeralla River and Yambuk Lakes. It is an Indigenous Protected Area which means that permission must be gained before entry. This is currently arranged through the Framlingham Aboriginal Trust.

It is cited as a spot to see bittern so I am always hopeful but have remained disappointed in this regard! However I have found it a reliable spot to see Southern Emu-wren (see, but not photograph)! These birds give just distant glimpses and seem to spend most of their time in the middle of, or on the other side of a bush!

Here are the few shots I managed that at least show some identifiable features!

GOTCHA! Heard something that sounded a little like Superb fairy-wren and after a minute saw lilac/brown instead of black/blue! 
Southern emu-wren, Deen Maar, Yambuk, Vic
Another distant view of a pair of birds just showing the tail's six long "emu feather" plumes
 As in previous visits to Deen Maar the cisticola provide some great poses ….

Golden-headed cicticola, Deen Maar, Yambuk

White-browed scrubwren
Willie wagtail
"Ummm… Whaddaya say we add bird watching to the list?"
Eumeralla River looking west
Eumeralla River looking East (downstream towards Yambuk Lake and the estuary)
I heard what might be an Emu-wren somewhere in there! 
The Codrington Wind Farm turbine provides a constant backdrop. A cisticola and silvereye are perching on the shrub. 

Bird on!


  1. and that special tail; likewise I've only had a single emu-wren opportunity and just fleeting glimpses at that, and no photo records. The g.h. cisticola is a delightful little bird too. Now W.Wagtails are much more accommodating! So the noise reported from those turbines, hasn't sent the birds away; good news.

  2. Beautiful birds and interesting blog! Greetings from Poland/Michał and Piotr

  3. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. As far as photographs are concerned, with some species you just have to take what you can get!