Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On the move! Birds of Phillip Island

It's one of those times of year when movement of migratory birds is imminent. Some of our non-breeding visitors are starting to get colour such as some of these Bar-tailed Godwits below. Numbers of Double-banded plover are increasing as they arrive from New Zealand and I have seen my first sightings of Cattle egret for the year.
Bar-tailed godwits, Observation Point, Phillip Island, 22 March 2014. We can play Spot-the-whimbrel!
Landing gear down! More godwits on the move.

Three of the small group of five whimbrel seen at the weekend.
Caspian terns and Pied oysterctachers
"Godwits at front, Pied oystercatchers at the back please and … Smile!"
Now what do we have here - brown, big and fat among the stints & Double-banded plover?
Why it's one of three Curlew sandpiper getting a little breeding colour
Curlew sandpiper, Observation Point, Phillip Island
Arrived at high tide to a different shaped spit than what I was used to - many Black Swan awaited

iPhone view of the main spit attracting the swans, godwits, oystercatchers and terns
Stints, Double-banded plover and the three Curlew sandpiper found a home on a second "mini spit"  (above and below)

I'm not a cat person - greeted by a neighbour's cat on the loose on return from my walk.
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Bird on!


  1. great sightings Pete and wonderful photos for the record too. I can see that cat doesn't feel too comfortable around you too :)

  2. What a wonderful series, Pete!! So many great birds. I managed to add a few of those to my lifer list this summer.

  3. How wonderful to live where you have access to so many migratory birds.That second shot reminds me or ballooning.

  4. A very beautiful area. Lovely to see so many birds.

  5. I really enjoyed your wader pictures. We have a black swan on the lake at Marbury Park near where I live, but we think it is one that has escaped from a collection. from Findlay

  6. A great series of photos. The birds are really getting lots of color - I especially like the little Curlew
    Sandpipers. The wide angle photo of the bay with the black swans etc in the foreground and the low hills behind is very beautiful.

  7. Great set of pictures - I found the whimbrel. Shores will be rather empty soon I think.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. These are such beautiful images, very nice share, thank you~