Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Winter breeders active at the Island

It was charming to see several families of Cape Barren Geese parading at several Phillip Island locations the other day. Each family consisted of parent birds and three chicks.

When I last saw this particular bird a month ago it was nesting (image). She also had a brief go at me (image)!

A second Cape Barren goose family at Fishers Wetland
Phillip Island Cemetery (there were at least 20 swamp wallaby) 

Masked lapwing are also ground-nesters. The "nest" reference is made loosely as they appear to lay their eggs just about anywhere! This pair of chicks were seen at Silverleaves, Phillip Island.

Masked lapwing, Phillip Island, 4 August 2013 
Both Cape Barren Geese and Masked lapwing are no strangers to defending against threats. This was evident at the weekend:

Distant view of a trio of Masked Lapwing providing feedback to a Swamp harrier
Cape Barren Goose, Fishers Wetland, Phillip Island

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  1. I Great shots and I love seeing the chicks. I have seen a Masked Lapwing in Australia but never the Cape Barren Goose

  2. Wonderful geese. I especially like that last photo.

  3. The friendliest? Cape Barren Geese I have ever seen were on Maria Island - off the east coast of Tasmania. They walked alongside me on the beach. I was amazed. An interesting series of photos - especially the last one with wings spread.

  4. Wonderful photos! The chicks are adorable.

  5. Great finds!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada

  6. Oh I have seen this species of Goose at our local zoo and they are quite handsome. I love seeing them in their natural habitat, along with their young!!!

  7. Cape Barren Geese and Masked Lapwings I have known for a very long time but never seen their chicks. Thank you so much for featuring them.

  8. What a great post, Pete!! I'd love to see Cape Barron Geese. Every time I visit your blog, I long for a trip home to visit all these wonderful VIC birding places.
    If not this year, it will be next May for my Mum's 80th and I plan to stay a little longer to do some sightseeing & birding.

  9. Love the geese family. The little ones are so cute. Great photos!