Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Colour! Lorikeets and gum flowers

They're still at it ...

Six weeks ago I posted some pictures of Rainbow lorikeets feasting on a flowering Silver princess gum in our front yard. That post heralded the start of winter flowering period of this tree. Looking back at the shots I can see that they were taken with some late afternoon sunshine.

Well there is precious little winter sunshine in Melbourne these days. Instead we have the expected dull cloudy skies, wind and daily showers.

Every now and then we have some higher cloud and the camera comes out ...

Got the itch?
Putting things back in place after a good scratch.
Flowers hang, so feeding is upside down!

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  1. What beautifully colored birds. I'd love to see them flying around here instead of so any crows and

    My Wild Bird Wednesday is at:

  2. HI Pete Well these colourful birds wouldbrightenup a dull day. Great shots.

  3. Great photos of the Lorikeets. They are beautiful and always fun to photograph.

  4. Great photos of the Lorikeets the flowers on the gum are beautiful.

  5. Hi Pete, beautiful photos of the flora and the fauna. You may be getting a visit from a certain nephew of yours if you keep posting photos of Lorikeets though. Sorry to hear the clouds are a continual pain in the proverbial. You could always move to a "sunnier" climate! :-) Hope it clears up soon and you are able to bring these wonderful images and stories to the world more frequently. Cheers, Richard

  6. Gorgeous! Both bird and flowers are beautiful and very exotic.

  7. I love those Silver Princess gums - the white powdery coating on the gumnuts and then those beautiful pink gumblossoms; lovely photos Pete

  8. Blackburn? Just down the road! This are splendid birds, even if they are a bit invasive! Tawny Frogmouth on the phone wires outside my house tonight - back end of August is the best time for me to see them here.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne!

  9. I am so glad I stumbled across this blog, it is of great interest to me as I have found myself photographing more and more birds over the last few years and looking for new haunts. Since I live in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, many of the places you mention are perfect for me to visit. Thank you! I will be back to devour more of your lovely blog.