Friday, July 26, 2013

Honeyeaters & Kookaburras at Silverleaves

Silverleaves is a locale at the eastern end of Cowes, Phillip Island. Principally it is an old property estate that has retained a bushy feel. That bush consists principally of coastal banksia, ti-tree and a few eucalypts. Along its northern edge the trees give way to the tussocks and sand of the Westernport beach and tidal flats. To the east the houses end as the island is stretched into a lengthy spit. It ha bay on one side, mangrove inlet on the other.

If this all sounds a little nostalgic, then that is because I haven't made it down there for a while!

Here is a little winter miscellany consisting of some Silverleaves characters that haven't made it into other posts!

New Holland honeyeter

On this day the Eastern spinebills were in the callistemon while the New-Holland honeyeaters were in the grevillea!

Eastern rosella up high in the banksia
At least someone seems happy when the weeds aren't controlled
Laughing kookaburra, It had just stopped calling!

Bird on!


  1. Hi Pete I knew all your birds today and the Eastern Rosella is one of my favorite looking birds. Margaret

  2. Lovely photos - those honeyeaters are a lot more colourful than a quick glance reveals. The Rosellas are beautiful too. I live just a few hours too far north of their range, but the Pale-Headed ones we have here are gorgeous too.

  3. Nice set of pictures - I could have done with the Bowerbird details a few weeks earlier!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. I absolutely love those honeyeater shots!! I only have a few shots of Eastern Rosellas from my visit home in Dec 2011. There were loads at The Briars. Mt Martha.
    I've added Silverleaves to my list of places to visit too.