Sunday, January 20, 2013

White-browed woodswallow & other road trip birds

We drove home from Wee Jasper to Melbourne last Saturday. Here are the car stoppers! The first two shots were taken on the Wee Jasper - Yass Road near the intersection with Sawyers Gully Road (locale known as Narrangullen?).

White-browed woodswallow 
Australasian pipit
Nankeen night-heron lurking near the bridge over the Goodradigbee at Wee Jasper
Lunch was at Holbrook (the queue at the well-known bakery was out the door - we settled for our own sandwiches) where I was surprised to see Blue-faced honeyeater and a pair of Dollarbirds.

This Dollarbird and what I believe to be Yellow thornbill were seen when walking the Ian Geddes Bushwalk at Holbrook.

Nice January additions to this Melbourne birder's year list!

Bird on!

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