Friday, January 18, 2013

Bird construction Inc. (nests, tunnels, bowers)

It appears that summer in Wee Jasper is still family time with many juvenile birds around and still much evidence of nesting activity.

I am always a little excited to come up from Melbourne and see the Rainbow Bee-eaters. These are distant views taken across the Goodradigbee River but they show the bird leaving and approaching the nesting tunnel.

Rainbow bee-eater, January 2013

Fairy martin bottle nests
This Willie wagtail nest was built over the water. 
It was pointed out by the kids who had noticed it while floating down the river on tyre tubes. 
What works best - the feather or the cap? Not a nest of course but the bower of the Satin bowerbird.
And finally Marj K has some nice shots of Leaden flycatchers nesting at nearby Micalong Reserve.

Bird on!

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