Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Grubby corellas & Middle Lagoon miscellany

Here's a final selection of photos from our time at Middle Lagoon in August 2012. I have never seen corellas look so grubby!

Little corella
Grey-crowned babbler
Little friarbird admires the sunrise
Little friarbird (left) and Diamond dove

Yellow silvereye in the mangroves
Also seen readily in the mangroves was Broad-billed flycatcher (above and below)

I reckon I had a great shot of the male Mangrove golden whistler but there was no card in the camera AAARRgh! I went back for it but only found the female.
Why did the Long-tailed finch cross the road?
Singing honeyeater (above) and Brown honeyeater (below) were the predominant smaller honeyeaters at the time

Bird on!

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  1. Hi, I've also wondered about filthy corellas and was told it's due to breeding. I think SC Cockatoos breed in the same kind of hollows and they are never as grubby.

    Btw great blog