Friday, June 8, 2012

An obliging Nankeen kestrel

This Nankeen kestrel was perched on a roadside power pole near Bass in South Gippsland. It was being harassed by a Magpie lark and I was pleased to see it move to a more photogenic position at the top of a deciduous tree.

In populous central Victoria it is not often that one can safely stop the car, turn around and return to get a closer view of a bird you'd seen when travelling at 100kmh. On this occasion I was travelling a smaller country road (the road between Bass and Reef Island - obviously not a major thoroughfare!) and there was a handy farm entrance in which to park the car. Safety was not guaranteed however as 5-6 cars still passed in those few minutes and the road had no real shoulder to speak of.

The perils of birding in Victoria!

Nankeen kestrel (Falco cenchroides)

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  1. These trut are gorgeous birds, nice shots, and thanks for sharing!