Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bird Wolf

Have I mentioned the cold? Tom & I visited Swan Lake at dusk on the weekend. It being a pretty gloomy day there was precious little light from as early as 4pm (I guess it is 19 June after all). Adding to the birding misery was the recent plentiful rains making Swan Lake (and every dam, ditch or hollow) full of water. Therefore birds don't need to hang around the permanent water nor seem to want to hang around the bird hide end of the lake!

Anyway we did enjoy some Cape barren geese displaying their surprise at our presence. In a previous post I have mentioned alternate names including sheep bird and pig bird.

This fellow I prefer to call the Bird Wolf.

The Bird Wolf baying at the full moon!?
Cape Barren Goose at Swan Lake
A little more subdued 
The last rays of light on the last dune. Lots of water, no birds!

 There were swamp wallabies thumping around everywhere.

At least the company was good!
Tom using the hand-me-down body & lens I was completely happy with only a year ago!


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  1. lovely post regardless of the lack of birds on the day