Monday, June 18, 2012

Flat out birding!

I recently saw some shared pictures showing birders in extreme positions not unlike these borrowed ones shown below (they are links to their own webpages if you wish to pursue).

I can't recall getting that low very often (and I'm sure any fair dinkum birding photographer is now saying "well you haven't been serious then!"). Last weekend while I was walking from Silverleaves Beach to Observation Point, it occurred to me to give it a try.

On the way out (pretty much standing up if i recall correctly). These guys were in an area where I usually see Red-capped plovers but I'm wondering if they are Double-banded plovers.
Red-capped plover
Hooded plovers - I'm now lying down. I wasn't very patient 'cos it was windy and freezing!

Red-capped plover. I was struck by how much easier it was to have the subject focussed when lying down.
Again, I wasn't patient but I imagine that by commando wriggling it would be possible to get closer than you might think was possible standing up!
It even makes a visiting silver gull look good!

I haven't seen Australian shelduck around this beach before (these two just passing through really)

I always enjoy Pacific gulls flying effortlessly into the stiff (read "bitterly cold") breeze.

Silverleaves Beach at dawn, tide well on the way in.
 Typical beach scenes as the tide breaches some of the mini sand bars.

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  1. What do you mean you've never done it! That's it, never talking to you about birds again! And to think, it is your fault I get my clothes dirty in the red earth in Central Oz! OK, so, I'm impressed with some of your shots. You'll have to try the technique in the warmer climate and show everyone your results. Love the comment about the Silver Gull, and the beach shots are beautiful. Another great post Pete, keep them going, love looking and reading them. Cheers, Richard