Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yellow Robin vs Sparrowhawk

While on the subject of duelling between bird species I came across this fellow at Hull Rd Wetlands the other day. I was drawn into the under storey of a copse of trees by the incessant calling of this juvenile Eastern Yellow Robin (Eopsaltria australis). It was one of those moments when the call was loud but difficult to localise until I had almost walked into him. I took a few pictures and moved on as he continued to call from the same perch.

I was particularly bemused by this vulnerable situation because the reason I was close to the trees was because I was tracking this Collared sparrowhawk (Accipiter cirrocephalus). We had surprised each other (unfortunately this was the only picture I managed) less than three minutes earlier. I am sure that the juvenile robin would have been easy pickings!

The reserve is right on the suburban boundary and is linked to bushland via linear parks and creeklands so there are a good number of species present. A couple seen on the same day follow:

This uncooperative Superb fairy-wren would not
venture in front of the pleasingly presented foliage!

I have seen kookaburra
on each visit.


  1. look forward to following your blog; love to share the birds from differing localities. The yellow robin is my favourite.

  2. Great catches!
    Well done to have caught the Sparrow-hawk!
    Never easy!
    Kookaburras remain one of my favourite Aussie birds! They do seem to laugh... even when they are silent! :)
    Cheers, Pete!