Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Word for the day - "Aigrette"

I never connected race day ladies' headwear with egrets until reading one of our esteemed field guides (Pizzey) who refers to the Great egret's breeding plumage:
erectile 'aigrette' plumes cascade down over back to beyond tail tip
One thing led to another (well .... wikipedia) and:
The term aigrette (pronounced: [ɛɡrɛt]; from the French for egret, or lesser white heron) refers to the tufted crest or head-plumes of the egret, used for adorning a woman's headdress.
This knowledge can only add to my sparkling repartee come this year's Victorian Derby Day! Now wouldn't it be great if I had some sparkling aigrette pictures!

If you look carefully you can see a plume.
Great egret - Ardea alba modesta
I mean aigrette
On arrival this egret didn't really choose its perch well
for the breezy conditions ... whoops!
That's better
and now for some dinner

Enlarge me = hint of aigrette

"Aigrettes for human fashion?
Mon Dieu, C'est horrible!"
Hat Inspection Authority in action
The author on race day
By the way, the egret pictures were taken today at the Hull Road Wetlands (on the Olinda Creek near Lilydale).

Point of interest - the egret appears on the reverse of a Brazillian currency 5 reias:

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  1. Hahaha!!
    That is really funny!
    So you discovered an oldie "French fashion"!!
    Well done, that means you did your home work correctly!
    The photos are stunningly beautiful!
    These birds are indeed at their best on "spring-parades"!
    I like the final touch about the Brazilian bill!
    Bravo, Pete!