Monday, February 6, 2012

Purple swamphen

With their comical young & readily accessible habitat these birds are good photographic value. I enjoyed views of a relaxed parent keeping an eye on a skittish youngster at Lilydale Lake recently. February seems to be the month in southern Victoria to see young birds.

Porphyrio porphyrio melanotus
Lilydale Lake, 3 Feb 2012

Immature bird happily grazing in presence of Mum / Dad (above)
but then felt suddenly spooked.

This goose-stepper was snapped at
Werribee Zoo April 2008

The fellow above and following shots of
swamphen with young are taken at
Karkarook Park, February 2009

Above & below - Jells Park, February 2011


  1. My my Grandma, what big feet you have! They really do look ridiculous on the chicks don't they, it is amazing they don't trip over their toes, but maybe it is like the undone shoe-laces. Lovely spread of the various stages and genders Pete. Bit disappointed there isn't a few more "Wiki" references and the like! :-)

    1. OK how's this (from wikipedia) ....

      "Evidence from Pliny the Elder and other sources shows that the Romans kept Purple Swamphens as decorative birds at large villas and expensive houses. They were regarded as noble birds and were among the few birds that Romans did not eat."

  2. Great pics!
    Love the bird's attitude in second one!!
    The chick is also really cute!
    Yes, I agree, a beautiful bird to photography!
    Cheers, Pete!