Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spinebills on show

While the Turnstones are definitely not on show - stuck on 171 for what seems like months - the spinebills have been very showy of late.

The last few weeks have provided great views of Eastern Spinebill around the house at Cowes. In particular a certain bedroom window has become the cleanest window on the island since its usefulness as a bird hide became apparent:

I think the following shots show the magic of nature through pollination and adaptation. The curve of the bill seems adapted for the shape of the flower which in turn dongs the bird on the head with what could be called, i dunno, it's stamen maybe? Do you think I could get a gig writing for David Rabbitburrer?

The lovely adaptation story breaks down when we suspect that the plant in question is African Cornflag (Chasmanthe floribunda) which is from South Africa and considered a bushland noxious weed in these parts (but only if it manages to oust the "aggies").

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  1. Great photos Pete, the first one is a cracker.