Friday, June 24, 2011

The Winter Blues

It seems that winter will see the Ruddy Turnstones drop out of the Eremaea top 50! Short days that are dull, wet & windy are not proving inviting for pulling out the bins & the EOS! Early morning birding walks are met with poor light, fog and drizzle. Several return visits to the reported haunt of the Blackie Lake Powerful Owl have been miserable & unrewarded. In fact I think there is a permanent rain cloud over that site.

In what seems like countless weeks the only bird added to the 2011 list is the suitably miserable Bassian Thrush .... and here's a suitably miserable photo taken in the gloom of an Otways gully:

And now the Bombers have gone to pot....even Melbourne beat them.

Mid-year Tally: 171

P.S. Oh, & guess who keeps turning up .....


  1. Looking at your list I reckon you should do a day trip to Kamarooka or Terrick... your list would shoot up. Let me know if you need any info.


  2. Thanks for the tips Tim - I have not heard of Kamarooka! I'll look it up. Look out Buff Budgies ... the VICTORIANS are UNITING!!
    Tim, having just read your Alice Springs report, I wish you & your partner well for early August! Is it wrong to mention the word hatchling?


    Thats a good start. A really good place in spring!

    Thanks for the well wishes :-)