Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Orioles back in Hochkins!

I remember first seeing an olive-backed oriole in Bundanoon NSW & had just imagined they were a North-of-the-Murray sort of bird until coming across one at Hockins Ridge Reserve in North Croydon last December. I remember suggesting to a fellow birder in January that we could pop in & see them again. Lucky we didn't because I have not seen them since. This prompted a dive into Pizzey to learn that they are of course, semi-migratory. We'll they're back! This view is of a bird at the top of the tree canopy - therefore is not a great image. They have a call which is actually sort of familiar & quite recognisable.

As a result of this momentous occasion, the Turnstones end of August tally has raced along to 172!

I reckon it's a suburban gem!
Common bronzewing and Grey butcherbird are resident locals

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