Thursday, August 7, 2014

Yellow robins, Sherbrooke

Eastern yellow robin, Dandenong Ranges National Park, Sherbrooke
Eastern yellow robin are really at home in the Sherbrooke Falls area of the Dandenongs east of Melbourne. They are readily seen and are enchanting to watch as they perch in classic robin poses!

I love to photograph them - they are both handsome and obliging. They tend not to fly too far away while hunting. On occasions a curious bird won't mind perching right in front of you if this allows a good view of a potential feed (see above!). They may only perch briefly but generally long enough to get settings and focus correct! Most importantly when perched they are extremely still - a blessing given that their preferred habitat often involves shaded forested areas with dull light!

I have not been at Sherbrooke's picnic areas on busy days but the local Crimson rosellas must be receiving food from the visiting public. They are extremely tame around the picnic tables.

A new bird for the blog and my Victorian life list is the charming Large-billed scrubwren. 

I knew there was something different about this bird. At the time of viewing my only ID conclusion was "not a Brown thornbill". In my experience of this area, this is what nine out of ten small brown birds in the under-storey turn out to be! It's always good to be reminded that it's worth a second look to check for the "10 percenters"

White-throated treecreeper
The feeble winter sun shone briefly in Melbourne earlier this week!

Bird on!


  1. enjoyed your post Pete - the e.y.r. is on my favourites list too. Great photos and your last location shot is spectacular

  2. Nice post - always like the Dandenonogs in the winter - must organic a trip!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne