Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bruny Island Cruise - Albatross

It's not often you see the terms "family holiday" and "pellagic cruise" together unless you are saying something like:
"Pete and Kath's relationship never really recovered from the infamous pellagic-cruise family-holiday incident"
White-capped albatross (or Shy albatross depending on which guide you are using), 15 April 2014
There are cruises run from Adventure Bay on Tasmania's Bruny Island by Pennicott Wilderness Journeys marketing spectacular scenery and the exhilaration of moving in powerful boats close to blow holes and sea tunnels. The opportunity to see wildlife such as seals, dolphins, whales and, yes, birds is also advertised.

On our stay at Bruny with our double-family group of nine (a few proclaiming definite sea sickness tendencies) I knew that the possibility of orchestrating a boat trip in the open sea were not great. This was April this year.

Well the pictures tell the story of a calm, mostly sunny day and an exhilarating and memorable trip! Entertaining guides (perhaps a little crazy!), no sea-sickness and an exciting boat ride had everyone happy.

Buller's albatross

One of each of the albatross species with a Silver gull for good measure
Crested tern

One of the roosting Black-faced cormorants shown above
Sooty oystercatcher
Great cormorant
Seal colony at The Friars

What are the chances of another moment in my life that I may photograph a dolphin and albatross in the same shot?
If you're curious to know more here's a 2 minute home movie with our experience of the cruise (you'll find many more on youtube including some professionally shot films commissioned by the company -this and more at the Pennicott Wilderness Journeys website)

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  1. It looks as though you had a "perfect" day for the combination activity!!

  2. Makes me want to take a pelagic right away but fat chance of that given where I live. The shots of the albatrosses bring back so many fond memories for me of trips off the coasts of South Africa and Chile. Pelagics really are memorable experiences.

  3. Great set of pictures - that is such a good cruise - we had great view of albatross - but never got any pictures with albs!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. Pelagics aren't for everyone but the chance to see several species of albatrosses plus all the other sea birds is not to be missed. Some brill pics there Pete.

  5. Fabulous photos! Sounds like you had a great day.

  6. What a great trip! Awesome photos and sightings!

  7. Lovely shots of the birds in the air! All the aquatic life shots are awesome.

  8. What an amazing moment you've captured there with the dolphin and albatross!

    These are the sorts of holidays I try convince loved ones to go on as well :)