Friday, December 14, 2012

Middle Lagoon 2 - Birds of the skies

Just around the headland of Middle Lagoon is a second small bay. This view shows the beach at low tide and the ridge available for camping. While we were camped there the small headland was used as a perch by one of my (well, everyone's) favourite birds, the Brahminy kite. It was tricky to get close but I managed it once.

The Brahminy was just one good reason to keep an eye on the sky. We were thrilled to have distant views of what to us was a striking but immediately unfamiliar bird - Lesser frigatebird.
One morning I was alerted to the sound of a sizeable flock of Red-tailed blacks on the move. Only one week before our arrival there had been a bushfire. Now there was smoke in the air again and cockies on the move. They were moving in fits and starts, advancing 100m or so then landing in trees, perhaps picking up birds that had perched there. They became a group of 60 to 80 birds -  certainly more RTBs than I had ever seen together before and I hurriedly grabbed gear and tried to find myself in their path!
This was difficult and I wondered at my foolishness given the smoke in the air!!

Unfortunately no good shots resulted but I had another memorable Middle Lagoon experience!

Bird on!

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