Friday, December 7, 2012

Middle Lagoon 1 - Birds of the water's edge

We enjoyed almost a week at Middle Lagoon on the Dampier Peninsula north of Broome. Now, I'm absolutely out of my depth when it comes to waders so be ready for a few clangers!

Firstly though I had heard calls and had initial glimpses through mangroves of what I thought was going to be Striated heron. Wasn't I pleased when this bird finally made an obvious appearance and raised it's eyebrow back at me?

Striated heron, 21 August 2012

I feel a little nervous asserting that we see above (clockwise from top-left) Gull-billed tern, Greater sand-plover, Red-capped plover and Common sandpiper enjoying the tidal flats.

Pied oystercatcher, Middle Lagoon 
Eastern reef egret (grey morph)

Having perched myself among the rocks to watch this egret I was treated to very close views as it hunted (quite productively!) in the shallows. In the fading Indian Ocean sunset the bird came closer and closer to where I was sitting before moving on to another hunting ground. 

Speaking of putting on a show these Brown booby were not to be outdone:

Going .....
Going .....
Loved this place!

Bird on!


  1. some lovely waders and I enjoyed the raised plumage on the head of the striated heron especially

  2. Awesome shot of the Striated Heron Pete, and the Egret close-up, were you watching the beak or those talons as it approached?

  3. I too love the pic of the Striated Heron. It's great. I'd love to see one of those. The other pics are great too such as the Booby diving.