Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wedge-tailed eagle, Raptor Domain

I was clearing some old holiday video footage from a 2011 trip to Kangaroo Island and enjoyed watching again this orphaned 20 year-old Wedge-tailed eagle called Jedda. The place is Kangaroo Island's Raptor Domain where there is a daily interactive bird and flight "experience".

A link to a 2 minute YouTube video of Jedda's show can be found below.
Other birds seen on the day we attended Raptor Domain feature in this earlier blog post.
Raptor Domain's website can be seen here:


  1. wonderful raptors; lovely to see up close

  2. Great report, Pete. As if I was there. A nice escape sitting at my desk. Glad that raptors are in better favour now than 20+ years ago. They deserve our love and respect. Such flight diplays are a good way to spread the news. A beautiful wedgie too!