Sunday, July 8, 2012

Temporary wetland at Silverleaves

Some low-lying land at Silverleaves has been an instant wetland for several weeks now and can be a hive of activity. Purple swamphen in particular are quite active with much strutting, posturing and aggression yesterday. However this fellow was simply contemplating something good to eat (or possibly just stunned at the silliness of his own reflection!).

The strut
I had never before noticed the exaggerated tail display seen above and below

Chestnut teal in particular are enjoying the new pond

There's something for everyone (Willie wagtail) 
Willie wagtail

Brown thornbill and grey fantail were also active (below)


  1. enjoyed this series Pete; I also was out watching a grey fantail yesterday. Looks like it was cold; Willie seems fluffed up to keep warm (or very well fed!)

  2. Some great observations and images. Love the swampies, so common but stunningly coloured.