Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Port Fairy Folk Festival

Music, great coastline, festival fun ....... and birds. Yes, this may become an annual post topic (see Mr Qwirk & the kestrels)!

We have just returned from this year's festival. Today I noticed this banner which captured all things good about the PFFF!

The festival can be as big or as intimate as you like. I am a big fan of the American folk-blues singer Eric Bibb (along with thousands of others). He easily filled the largest stage:

Highlight in this performance? "Don't you ever let nobody drag your spirit down". Youtube clip features an earlier performance (some other festival, some other person's camera).

But often it's the gems you take away from more intimate stages that you remember most. He we see Liz Fencham, April Verch (Canada) and the Australian-Irish duo Hat Fitz and Carla Robinson pictured here with Jeff Lang (right) adding a second guitar.

"But where are the birds?" I hear you complain! The images selected are those readily seen at Port Fairy and were captured within the town area.

Long-billed corella (Cacatua tenuirostris)

This Buff-banded rail (Gallirallus philippensiswasn't sure whether it should cast a shadow or a reflection for the most interesting shot!
Singing honeyeater (Lichenostomus virescens) 
I'm tickled when birds sit on television antennae. I like to think that there must be something good on! On this occasion it is the introduced European starling (Sturnus vulgaris). This Black-shouldered kite (Elanus axillaris) was hunting overhead as we walked to the festival arena.

Hoary-headed grebe (Poliocephalus policephalus) 

 I did that thing where you pretend you're not interested in the diving bird until he dives - then you scurry to a better position! When he pops up again you can see them think "Crikey! (ozzie bird) I thought you were way over there!" The Hoary -headed grebe can dive with an unnaturally large explosion of water for such a little bird "Pop!"

Black-faced cormorant (Leucocarbo fuscescens)
I have only seen this species twice - both times at Port Fairy
where they are readily seen

And yes Mr Quirk was a Port Fairy sighting again this year!

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  2. Great stuff!
    You just made me discover Eric Bibb!
    no, I am not joking!! That is how retarded we are, in France!! LOL!!
    I even listened to more of guitar songs, Quite a rhythm!
    I love your Long Billed Corella, naturally!
    They bred for us in South Africa!
    Great to see them in the wild!
    Cheers, Pete!

    PS: sorry, I hate typing mistakes!!

  3. Must be a hard life, heading off to an Island every second weekend, fitting in Festivals etc. while the rest of us slog away. Another great selection of words and photos. The BBR, is there anywhere we go where it won't turn up. Having said that, I think your photo is probably the best yet out of all we have both seen and photographed. Right place, right time, but you still have to take the photo, well done Pete.