Friday, September 11, 2015

Lake Mournpall, Hattah Lakes NP

Mulga parrot (male) near Lake Mournpall
This post from a trip in October 2014 could have been my Unfinished Symphony! I have just come across the "draft" commenced before a blogging break. It features shots from a memorable overnight camp at Lake Mournpall camping area in NW Victoria.

Australian ringneck (the Mallee version)
& another
Lifer and target species (for obvious reasons)! Major Mitchell's Cockatoo was a highlight.
Major Mitchell's cockatoo. The Birds in Backyards page has an impressive list of regional alternative names ...
This cockatoo is also known as Leadbeater's, Desert, Major Mitchell or Pink Cockatoo; Cocklerina, Chockalott or Wee Juggler
Another MMC - wouldn't quite oblige with a full crest display to show the yellow band.
Blinkin' stick keeping it real! Splendid fairy-wren

Chestnut-rumped thornbill
and again
Spotted pardalote giving me some tongue

The well-appointed Lake Mournpall campground

Dawn at Lake Mournpall from the campground - this is October 2014 the lake was pretty full due to environmental flows
Great crested grebe
Typical spinifex - no definite sightings for me of those rarities Striated grass-wren and Mallee emu-wren
"All for the driver" I've not really been proud of a car before but I was so proud of my little AWD Impreza getting me to these places!

Bird on!

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