Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You Yangs - Scarlet robins, Rufous whistler

I battled the Sunday morning fitness army at the You Yangs last weekend. The place was swarming with cyclists and runners. Without even locating the Tawny frogmouths I left the car park throng after only a few minutes (do they still hang around there?).

I was pleased to eventually find a little solitude around the gravel pits area near where Kurrajong Ave leaves the Great Circle Drive. Restless flycatcher, Striated thornbill, Dusky woodswallow and a few choughs were active here. New Holland and White-plumed were the only honeyeaters identified. I had seen Diamond firetail here in the past but not today.

The next place I stopped was to walk a 100m or so along the Branding Yard Rd. It was here that I had a lovely time with a Rufous whistler and a pair of Scarlet robin. A Shining bronze-cuckoo was hanging around but avoided my camera.

Rufous whistler giving it all, You Yangs, 21 Sept 2014
That was pretty good huh!?

Scarlet robin (male), You Yangs

Scarlet robin - female
Female Superb fairy-wren reaches for a better view of the camera man
Superb fairy-wren
White-naped honeyeater on to something stuck between two leaves 
Striated thornbill was good for my year list
Striated thornbill
A peculiar collection of leftovers include Red-rumped parrot, Pied currawong, Dusky woodswallow and Restless flycatcher ...

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  1. Mmmmm You Yangs and Tawnys, I remember them! Wonderful shots of the Robin Pete, and the Whistler... and the others as well. Sounds like despite the throng you managed a great session.

  2. Wonderful birds! You had a successful day despite all the people.

  3. What a great day with so much entertainment birdwise, not the fitness freaks. In my student days we took the train to Lara and walked to the Yew Yangs and back for the last train. Haven't been there to quite a few years now and probably won't have the chance again. I'd love to be serenaded by that rufous whistler.

  4. A fantastic array of different birds and great you saw and photographed the Striated Thornbill. Love the Scarlet Robin

  5. Wow! a great day got one of everything! .....

  6. The Rufous Whistler and Scarlet Robin are both new to me - gorgeous little birds.

  7. Nice set of pictures from a great place - I may have to pay a visit soon.

    Great shots of the whistler.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS; are you sure the White Winged Cough is not a currawong?

  8. Looks like a great birding day. Super shots of the whistler.